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Introduction Installation Server. Open Directory : Past versions of OS X Server were able to serve as Primary Domain Controllers PDCs for Windows computers, which is to say they could provide Windows systems with authentication and permissions for users and groups, even though they couldn't manage many Windows settings.

Lion's new SMB implementation removes that functionality entirely, which is going to hurt for people who rely on it. Interoperability with Active Directory domains remains as robust as ever, but it just got that much harder to get by with just OS X Server if you have many Windows clients to speak of.

How to Get Mac OS X Running On Windows XP VMWare

Web and Wiki : Naturally, as long as you have a Web browser and appropriate permissions, you can access and edit Web and Wiki pages from Windows just as well as any OS X user. This makes Windows think the shared folders are hard drives, and seems to eliminate the disappearing folders issue. Your shared folders will now appear on your Windows computer as hard drives that you can always access via My Computer. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc.

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A Mac running OS X Administrative access to both the Windows XP computer and the Mac computer. About a half hour of your time. Oh, and some files you wish to share. Launch System Preferences by clicking its icon in the Dock. Create a copy of your current active location. Select your active location from the list in the Location sheet. The active location is usually called Automatic, and may be the only entry in the sheet. From the list of sharing services on the left, select File Sharing by clicking its check box.

In the Finder sheet that drops down, navigate to the location of the folder you wish to share. Any folders you add are given default access rights. The 'Everyone' group, which includes guests, is given Read Only access. To change the access rights of guests, click 'Read Only' to the right of the 'Everyone' entry in the Users list.

A pop-up menu will appear, listing the four available types of access rights. Guests may read files, copy files, create new files, and edit files stored in the shared folder. Read Only.

Stage 1 Ensure all computers are on the same subnet

Guests may read files, but not edit, copy, or delete any data in the shared folder. Write Only Drop Box. Guests can't see any files stored in the shared folder, but they can copy files and folders to the shared folder. Drop Boxes are a good way to allow other individuals to give you files without being able to view any content on your Mac. No Access. How TO.

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Windows XP vs. Mac OS X - CNET

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Mac Os Icons For Windows 10

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Mac OS X Server Essentials v10.6: Using File Services

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