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Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac

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How Dictation Works

Deals for Students and Family For great prices on the technology you need to study, research, write reports and enjoying your down time, at software for students you can do more and save more. Latest Discounts. Note that, while Apple has never stated publicly where it got the technology behind Siri dictation, I strongly suspect it is Nuance, the same company that publishes Dragon Dictate. And so I decided to put the two dictation systems to the test. The differences were striking.

Just using the two products is a different experience. The words themselves and their order change as I get deeper into a sentence; things keep switching around. The real test, however, is accuracy. To assess that, I used both the Mavericks Dictation tool and Dragon Dictate to transcribe a four-paragraph, word passage of text. I ran through the passage three times in Mavericks, to iron out some kinks, and just once in Dragon Dictate.

The results? Both programs made mistakes.

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Dragon Dictate had fewer problems but still made some mistakes of its own. So the final accuracy scores were Also, Dragon Dictate requires you to spend time training it before it will even work, so it has a much better idea of your voice and the way in which you speak. In addition to increased accuracy, Dragon Dictate has the ability to learn words you use often, and nearly always handles proper names better than the Mavericks Dictation tool.

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Dragon Dictate also has several additional features for controlling the user interface that are simply not available with the Dictation module in Mavericks. Dragon Dictate is not as easy to get working in any context, but when you need to dictate long passages of text, its increased accuracy makes it the clear choice. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever.

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