How to create documents shortcut on mac

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut on Mac

Title them according to what kind of applications or files you plan on creating shortcuts to. Such as an Adobe folder, Office , Video Production , etc.

This will create a second icon of the application with the word alias in the name. Click and drag the alias file into the corresponding desktop folder where you would like to place the shortcut.

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Repeat the Make alias process for all related applications and drag these files it into the desktop folder of your choice. Make sure to place it on side of the Dock opposite any single application shortcuts. This will be next to the Trash or Application Folder. The Items can be sorted by Name, Date, etc. If you would like to make changes to these dock folders in the future, navigate to the Home folder, then Desktop Folders , then add, delete, or rename the items as you like.

Founder of Switching to Mac and managing editor. If you visit certain Web pages, such as Facebook and Gmail, on a daily basis, you can create shortcuts to them on your Mac OS X desktop.

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut on Mac

Web shortcuts enable you to access your favorite Web pages with a click of the mouse. Creating a shortcuts takes just a few seconds and you can delete it at any time if you no longer need it. Select the entire address in the address bar at the top of the browser. Click and drag the address onto the Mac OS X desktop and release the mouse button.

A shortcut pointing to the Web page is created on the desktop. Just type the open command, followed by a space then the full path to the file, then press Return. Your command should look like this:. Type open, then a space, then drag the file onto the Terminal window.

1. Links to Your Favorite Websites

This copies its file path. Press Return to open the file with its associated app. I mentioned above that file types are associated with applications.

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For each file type — such as. But you can change this.

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Take as an example. But you may have a preferred text editor and want all these files to open with this app.

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Select any. Click the menu and select your preferred text editor, then click Change All.

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The Mac will remember to open all. Note that you will still be able to open these files with other apps, by dragging onto app icons, from the Open With contextual menu, and so on. Give these tips a try and you'll soon discover how they will make you more productive! Follow IntegoSecurity. The Mac Security Blog.