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We show you seven smart features you have to know if you want to be a power user. In any case, Mail is the simpler of the two Microsoft email apps. Here are some excellent DIY computer desk projects you can build yourself. Read More? Your email address will not be published. I think the best feature about Thunderbird, which is absent in all other clients, is the ability to delete only the Attachment in the Email. I retain the actual Email with only the Attachment name, and not the actual attachment file.

This is a very useful feature which I think all Email Clients should have. Hi Like everybody in the world I receive dozens of attachments doc, excel, pdf And I save time everyday Best regards.

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I get up to 50 emails a day and immediately toss half - it's mainly for Social Media. It's a bit buggy once in a while, but way more effective for me. I get a couple emails a day - personal and hobbies - and I also access my RSS Feeds from it which alone is worth having it. Tagging is easy. Another component in favor of Thunderbird: because of its addon ecosystem, it's possible to integrate seemingly unrelated messaging tools like Google Hangouts or Voice. This can be helpful if you find yourself keeping many browser tabs open just for communication; at least you can centralize everything in one place!

I was a home user of Outlook Express email until they went to Microsoft Live and continued to use it until it just didn't work. It was perfectly functional for all that I needed on my home computer Outlook Client for work email. A few years back as Windows moved on, I tried Thunderbird, and it just didn't have enough features of what I used to keep me happy.

I switched to eM Client about 3 years ago and have never turned back. I've had no problems and it does everything I need it to do. I started using Thunberbird a few months ago when my Windows Live started gliching when trying to receive e-mails. Kept showing a message saying it could not connect to the server - and I had a TON of folders with saved stuff on there too. Downloaded Thunderbird and for the most part, it is great.

I do HATE that you can only enter one e-mail address on a line at at time. I have 'trained' it and flagged these e-mails as not junk and even went into settings and made sure the address books are checked so it SHOULD ignore those e-mail address. Nope, still flagging them as junk. Would love to have this fixed but am about to try a different program! I'm using Thunderbird. However, last week, Quickbooks stopped communicating with Thunderbird, and wouldn't send invoices The other one is still working fine.

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So, my question is - which of these programs have you used with Quickbooks? I got into a very expensive act of buying 2 plane tickets because the W10 email consistently faile sin searching for emails with any key word. In addition, there is no quick way to configure it the way you want. It is quite possible, power users will claim "I do not know how to use it" In my iPhone, safari shows I have emails correctly. So I am done using it!

I have been using Thunderbird. I really like that the inbox uses columns for Date, Subject, From, To, and more that I can sort on after selecting a message. I really don't like that when creating an email the To, CC, BCC only accept one address per line, so you can only see a small portion of the recipients in a long list. This increases the chance of sending something to the wrong person. It's also really hard to enter long mailing lists. General concerns about the email clients? I could do this myself perhaps but thought maybe by me posting a comment others might benefit.

Since Windows 10 Pro is more accommodating on then the Home edition I would like to know the following:. First issue: Which of these programs are accepted by Windows 10 Pro and will survive a Microsoft "Update"? Tried Hexamail Flow. It won't allow me to add a single account. It cries that "All accounts must have a unique name", but this is the first account.

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Nothing will satisfy the program as a name. I've even tried naming it something like "liedrfkhugjklsdghjf" and it doesn't work. Mailbird allows only one account unless you buy it. They should make this clear when they advertise "Have ALL your accounts in one client. Very unscrupulous advertising. I've purchased email clients before, but I don't think I should have to keep buying the program every year, but they conveniently break the programs and require you to buy them again for support.

I just want one good program. Does anyone know of any email client that will allow one assign a color category to an inbox email AND sort on it? Thank you. Thank you for introducing me Nylas Mail. I was exactly looking for this.

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From my day beginning, I've started to search for best email client like Thunderbird. I'm running two different companies so I want to use two different email client software.

You made my day author Thank you! No problem, Chinmay! However please note that Nylas Mail was discontinued in August so it will not be updated anymore. You should switch to Mailspring, which is a fork by one of the original founders of Nylas Mail.

Mailspring is faster, cleaner, and overall better. We will be updating this article soon and replacing Nylas Mail with Mailspring. Mailspring isn't free!

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Nylas allow us to add up to 10 email accounts and I just want to load my 3 different????? Do you prefer any other instead of these Email client software? Currently, I'm using Thunderbird. This thing despairs me. As far as I know, there is no limit to how many email accounts you can add to the free version of Mailspring.

Mail Pilot is a combination of a to do list and email client, which makes it a potentially perfect tool for managing and nurturing your leads. Unibox is a radically different take on email.