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Apple said to call Microsoft. Microsoft said to call Apple. Neither one of them told me anything about the keyboard last working on OS X Neither one of them mentioned checking into getting the latest driver which I tried to do, but it was not available for Mac OS even though the product specs said the keyboard was compatible with Mac OS.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review -- After One Year

Your information now completes my story. If you don't already, you should be working for Apple or Microsoft - they both could use more knowledgeable people like you!

A review of the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic keyboard

Kudos for you CountryGirl 56!!! Feb 23, AM. Eric, see my reply to CountryGirl You're right, and it definitely looks like they don't plan to update the drivers.

Onward and upward to bigger and better accessories! I have a pile of keyboards and other obsolete stuff to donate!! THAnks Eric.

If your kernel panics, upgrade the drivers

Page content loaded. Feb 22, PM. Not unless Microsoft updates the drivers for the keyboard, which based on the above post, they haven't done. You're welcome and thanks for the praise. This was the last keyboard Apple made that included the Apple logo alongside the cloverleaf image on the Command key.

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Of course, there are a lot of other reasons to use a Windows keyboard. You may be coming to the Mac from a Windows environment and already have a favorite keyboard. Or you may like some of the more advanced Windows keyboards that offer more ergonomic choices, such as the Matias Tactile Pro , specialized keys, or unique keyboard layouts. Windows keyboards, such as the Logitech G Gaming Keyboard, can offer unique layouts.

Making the Change to Windows Keyboards Actually making the switch to Windows-based keyboards is surprisingly easy. No special drivers or software were required, although some keyboard manufacturers did make special software for assigning keys to specific Mac functions more on that a bit later. Making a USB-based Windows keyboard compatible was a pretty simple process; they already were, at least electrically. You could plug in the Windows keyboard and it would, for the most part work, fine with your Mac.

A review of the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic keyboard – The Sweet Setup

The only real issues were the names given to special keys, and where they were physically located on the keyboard layout. Matias makes its Quiet Pro keyboards with either a Mac or a Windows layout; the Mac version is shown here.

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Image courtesy of Matias. Some keyboard software became pretty sophisticated, able to remap keys globally as well as on a per application basis, which is very handy for remapping game controller settings on your favorite keyboard. With Bluetooth supported across the entire Mac lineup, Bluetooth wireless keyboards worked quite nicely with Macs; no special Bluetooth dongle was needed.

Method 1. Download Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard Driver from Microsoft Official Website

Once again this issue was solved either through the manufacturers providing software to remap the keys, or by producing special Mac compatible versions of their keyboards. This style of keyboard uses a radio transmitter in the keyboard to talk to a receiver, usually located in a dongle that plugs into a USB port.

Some RF keyboards will work with Macs and others will not.

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  4. The Surface Ergonomic includes a wrist base made of its now ubiquitous Alcantara material. This material is soft to the touch, but dense enough to provide proper support when typing. It also has a particular fashion to it that only Microsoft can pull off these days. The Sculpt keyboard, on the other hand, had optional accessories for raising the bottom of the keyboard, thereby positioning your hands down and away from your body as you typed.

    This may be the one area where Microsoft cast aside comfort and ergonomics in favor of pleasing aesthetics and minute tolerances. Apple labels this is a selling feature. I label it a failure. Microsoft claims the Surface Ergonomics switches can last 10 million actuations, which is only a third of the life of a mechanical switch. Regardless, each key has considerable key travel when compared to any Apple keyboard and has an inviting feel. Each keystroke has great depth and resistance, as though the key kind-of-sort-of wants to be pressed, provides a little resistance, then quickly returns to its home position after being fired.

    Despite the larger key travel, the Surface Ergonomic is orders of magnitude quieter than the MacBook Pro keyboards. The keystroke sound comes in at a lower octave than any Magic Keyboard actuation and better blends into the background of the noises reverberating throughout my house. My wife gave it a shot and immediately became infuriated with the placement of the keys.

    For touch typists or for those who have to look down on occasion when inserting punctuation from the numeral row, a little transition period is in order before becoming comfortable with the layout. The Alcantara wrist base is also worth mentioning. When I really get going, my wrists tend to get a bit sweaty and the outside bone on my wrist often gets tired of the friction with the desk.