Capture screenshot mac os x lion

Here is the the upper left portion of our screen:.

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Capture a portion of the whole screen on Mac Mountain Lion

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Changing the Default Screenshot Format First, a note about screenshot image formats. At the prompt, type or Copy and Paste from here the following command and press Return : defaults write com.

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To do this enter this command at the Terminal prompt and press Return : killall SystemUIServer The default screenshot format in OS X will now be changed to the image type you entered before. Here is our entire screen: 2. Here is the the upper left portion of our screen: 3. You can release Shift , move another edge and hold Shift again to accurately define your desired area.

Option : Holding this key down will resize the area selection based on its central point rather than from where you initially clicked the Left Mouse Button.

You Can Capture & Save Screen Shots with Preview in Mac OS X

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And yes, it was a screenshot. These are the shortcuts to learn in order to get better screenshots on a Mac -- don't forget you can cancel the shot by pressing Escape before you click:. The cursor will swap between the crosshair and a camera icon when you do.

Easy screen captures with Mac OS X

In camera mode you can just click on the window you want an image of to highlight and capture it. You might want to include your cursor within the screenshot. To achieve this, launch the Grab app hidden in Utilities and select Grab Preferences.

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Select one of these and the pointer will appear where it is located when the picture is taken. That is why you can see the pointer in that shot.

There's no easy way to change image formats when taking a screenshot. Open the images saved to the desktop in Preview and export them in another format, or remember to use the Space shortcuts listed above to save them to Clipboard in the first place. You can then open them from the Clipboard in Preview to save them in your preferred format. You can also use Preview to capture screenshots -- tools for this are hidden in the apps File menu Take Screenshot.

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It is remarkable that Preview does not use the same on-screen system prompts as used by Grab or OS X. There's an old but still good rundown of apps you can use to improve your screengrabs or as an alternative to Apple's provided tools here. Got a story? Jonny is a freelance writer who has been writing mainly about Apple and technology since