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These are the most compatible with High Sierra. Adobe typically publishes compatibility information after they have had a chance to test with the version actually released to the public, so expect this section to be updated over time.

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This is fixed in the release of Photoshop CC. Just keep in mind that a scratch disk should be both large and fast. It is unlikely that this will be fixed for versions of Photoshop earlier than CC However, it lists only one issue; to see other issues discovered and being discussed visit the official Lightroom Classic CC Feedback page. Some of the issues may be fixed in Lightroom Classic CC. Some Lightroom presets may fail to sort in alphabetical order in High Sierra; Adobe has acknowledged this issue at feedback.

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This is at least partially fixed in Lightroom 6. Some have been able to resolve this by adjusting permissions on the Lightroom application folder. The panel and filmstrip areas may black out at times. This is apparently related to macOS graphics issues.

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To best avoid the problem, Adobe says :. The best combo to avoid this issue is being on macOS High Sierra The team has worked pretty hard with Apple to get this issue to stop appearing with macOS Sierra Improvements were made in The Illustrator team posted a compatibility document Illustrator and High Sierra. Some of those problems are fixed in the release of Adobe Illustrator CC.

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Investigation by Adobe and Apple revealed this to be an Apple bug. Install it from the Mac App Store, Updates tab; or from the link above. I talked to product management. You should be good to go with macOS High Sierra right now. As an editor, I would not change the OS if I was in the middle of an important project, however. However, those codecs still turn up in a lot of places so people like me are finding problems with those clips may no longer work properly in Premiere Pro.

I have upgraded my test Mac to the release version of High Sierra. The CS3—CS5 applications seem particularly risky to me. CS5 applications run better, but some were crashing after I quit normally. Photoshop CS3 can at least install and start up in macOS Adobe applications were already installed when I upgraded my test Mac to High Sierra.

I was able to fix these by uninstalling and reinstalling those applications, and the lesson here is to always make sure you have all of the information you need such as license keys or registration numbers to reinstall any of your key software. If you run Adobe installers or software released before Gatekeeper, you should know what to do if Gatekeeper prevents Adobe software from starting. Installer failed to initialize. This could be due to a missing file. Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem.

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Unfortunately, Adobe Support Advisor no longer exists, but there is an immediate workaround that should get the installer going:. But I found that the same workaround helped when the Photoshop CS3 installer silently failed after I double-clicked it. The only option is to use a newer version of the software.

The question of CS2 compatibility comes up during every recent Mac system upgrade. Some users moving up from older Macs running As with the last several major Mac system upgrades, macOS The file system is the part of the OS that keeps track of all your files.

Some Adobe features that involve a folder or drive location such as the scratch disk feature of Photoshop may not work properly with APFS. When APFS was originally made available to developers for testing, it was case-sensitive.

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This raised concerns about Adobe application compatibility because most Adobe installers do not work on case-sensitive file systems. If you have trouble using a feature that interacts with the file system, it could be related to an incompatibility with APFS. One reason is because it uses less space to save photos at the same quality level as JPEG.

Lightroom Classic CC 7. HEVC can cut video file size by half without losing perceptible quality. In macOS The idea is that you put a powerful graphics card inside a box and connect it to your Mac using Thunderbolt, and that upgrades the graphics capabilities of your Mac. At this time, there is no official word from Adobe on which applications work with an eGPU or when compatibility updates will be available.

Also, be aware that some eGPU solutions can accelerate only an external display. But with an eGPU, you can. For example, instead of having to buy a inch MacBook Pro just to get discrete graphics, you should be able to carry a thin, light inch MacBook Pro around town, and then back at the office plug it into an external GPU that gives it a graphics card more powerful than anything found on a laptop. Most Mac applications have been written for bit processing for some time now, so if your applications are up to date you may not have any issues here.

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Now, in the System Information window that opens, click the Applications category, and then after a slight delay on some systems look for the Bit Intel column. On smaller displays you might need to scroll the list to the right. To find out if all your software is bit compatible, check the Applications section in System Information. While online compatibility lists are useful, the advice of others can only go so far because it may not reveal problems related to the specific combination of applications and hardware you use.

A better way is to test the new macOS upgrade yourself. But be careful: You want to test the new OS without compromising your current working production system, and you have to pay attention to licensing and activation issues. As usual, I will probably wait a few months to upgrade my production Mac to High Sierra. That will give Apple, Adobe, and other developers to release any necessary updates needed to make everything work smoothly together.

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  • Same here. It may be the same problem in InDesign CS3, and if so, no one has found a way to fix it so far.

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    Good example. I tried a copy of Illustrator CS5. It started up and worked fine for the couple minutes I tried it, but after I quit normally, the macOS crash reporter came up. Hello Conrad, i tried to install some applications of adobe master collection cc in high sierra but the only one that works for me is photoshop, i need to install after effects , premiere and audition, can you give me any suggestions?

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